Thursday, March 25, 2010

Growing, growing.

We're having lots of fun here with the everyday antics of our little girl. Her signed and spoken vocabulary is slowly increasing (bye bye is her newest), and she knows lots of animal noises. "What does a Lion say" always gets a good reaction! She recently added knees, elbows and shoulders to her repertoire, although "elbows" end up looking suspiciously like wrists sometimes.

Alaina cracks us up with all her expressions and imitations. It's especially hilarious when she mimics Kyle brushing his teeth! She has brushing down now, in fact, she sometimes starts spitting before her tooth brush even leaves the holder. She also does a darling little patty cake of her own, which takes about 5 seconds. We call it the fast food version.

As to our other little person, I'm starting to feel more movement now, which is great fun! We should have some more news to share about him or her next week - so you better get your boy/girl guesses in. We can hardly wait to find out more about this little one!


The Hemmers said...

I love hearing about Alaina's new accomplishments and seeing pictures of her! Keep them coming!


Tete said...

The pics are too cute. She is growing so fast. Not surprised she's funny- her dad is a card.
My vote is a boy- possibly twins- but Kyle told me to keep that to myself.
It doesn't matter if its and boy or girl- I'm praying for healthy!
Alaina needs someone she can show the ropes to. She will be a great big sister.

The Barnard's said...

The pictures are so cute :) I always love the way collages look, but those are so cheery and fun! :) She is growing very fast!

Anonymous said...

So cute, Gretchen!
Children are such fun!
~The Dunns

Anonymous said...

Another girl...where did the twins idea come from? Enjoy reading about the happenings in Nitchfield! Sue