Thursday, January 13, 2011

The cold weather solution. . .

. . . for a bad hair day! (My bad hair day, not hers.)

A new-from-Christmas hat!

Thank you for the hat, girlies! Call me when you have a moment, as I'm missing you horrendously.

Oh, by the way, the camera is new from Christmas too. Yea!

"Aw, cute hat Mommy!" (Yes, she is talking that much!)

Dressing up is such fun!


Anonymous said...

How fun to find these pictures here this morning. grin
The hat is perfect for you. The girls did a great job picking it out for you. What did you put on the hat?
So tell me did you wear it when you went grocery shopping this week???

Love to all of you

agingrich said...

What a darling hat! The flower on the side is so cute.

Anonymous said...

Sweet! Looks good on both of you! Sue

Nitchfield News said...

Hi Mom! Yes, I did wear it grocery shopping. I pinned on a flower that I made a few weeks ago, so it's removable for different looks.