Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Something on my mind.

The question isn't "Are we busy?". Busyness is not a virtue. The question is "Are we busy doing the important things?". - Nancy


Namaw Kak said...

This must be on everyone's mind lately. Justin, our preacher, said the other day that when talking with people from the church the one common thread was "We're so busy". I think someone might be trying to tell us something.
Thanks for the reminder.

Christine said...

Gretchen, can blog-hopping be considered important? :)

Seriously, though, it is a good reminder to make sure I am about the *Lord's* work.


~the gambill gals~ said...

Thank you for that very good reminder. Trust health finally abounds in your household!

Anonymous said...

"Busyness is not a virtue." I love that! It's nice to have things to do so idle time is not necessary, but it's not fun being busy! Course, if it was a virtue, there would be a lot of virtuous people out there! :)