Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Catching Up: Guy's Weekend

A couple weeks ago a bunch of friends came down for the weekend, and we had quite the time!

The Nitchfield parking lot. ;-)

The guys helped us out with a lot of stuff while they were here, and somehow tree removal sneaked onto the agenda.

This time it was a biggie!

I snapped a few pictures, then hid in the house.

The Crew: Kyle & Alaina, Nate, Jacob B., Jason H. and Jason S.

Alaina sneaks into the food line, hoping to get some potato chips before her mom notices.

Jason S. and Jacob constructing a potato gun. It should have tipped me off when the guys came back from the grocery store with two bottles of hairspray!

Testing, testing. Later that evening we had quite a fun time with various kinds of homemade noise makers. Why would you watch the corn grow when you can listen for the potato to land?

Alaina enjoying avuncular attention. (I love that word!)

The guys and their meat. Kyle knows how to feed his friends - nothing like a little hickory smoked beef for a hungry crew!

What happens when you say "look hungry!". Thanks guys for all your help and for a very fun weekend!


crik said...

Loved the hungry face. LOL

Tete said...

Craig said to tell Kyle he demands a raise. The meat looks good.

The Capp Crew said...

Looks like a fun weekend! I loved hearing the stories. :) Alaina looked like she was enjoying all the activity!


Nitchfield News said...
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Anonymous said...

Look how much that baby is growing! She has the cutest, impish grin on her Uncle's lap. I bet he was the one slipping her the chips! haha Sue

The Hemmers said...

It was fun to see some of the happenings! I love the picture of the hungry guys!


The Sisson Clan said...

I love the picture of all those big guys with little Alaina in the midst!!

Anonymous said...

Those steaks look like half a cow each!!!!