Monday, June 29, 2009

Who do I look like?

Here's my Mom at six months.

The littlest one on the left is my Dad around six months.

Here's me doing my newest thing - I'm almost six months!

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

DADDY!!!!!!!!!!! From Sue B.

The Sisters said...

She so much like ya'll! She is so cute!


Anonymous said...

Probably more like Dad from the pictures.

Bev said...

Before seeing your baby pictures, I would have said Mom. Having now seen your six-month old pictures, I think she looks more like Daddy, although not exactly. One thing for sure, she's a cutie!

~Justin&Meg~ said...

sorry gretchen...but I really see Kyle in Alaina. if it makes you feel any better, no one ever sees me in my kids either. ;) they look like their daddy and their uncle max...go figure the genetics there. hee. she's such a cutie. can't wait to get together and see her new tricks! madeline is walking!!! they grow so fast! hope to talk to you soon!

agingrich said...

I'm thinking she looks a lot like her Dad! What do you think when you look at her?


The Capp Crew said...

So far Daddy is winning !:) I woudl have said Mommy hands down before I saw Kyle's 6 month pictures . Keep us posted !

The Sisson Clan said...

Do mother's opinions count? She looks like Kyle's side of the family. Especially in the thighs. "wink" No really I think she looks like Kyle's sweet mom.

with love,
Gretchen's Mom

~the gambill ladies~ said...

For the moment Daddy wins our vote. But she still has a lot of growing to do and we may see more of mommy as she gets older. :)