Monday, June 1, 2009

Catching Up: My First Mother's Day

A masterpiece of music or art. A civilization. A history-changing book, or discovery, or idea. How amazing to think that all the most lasting, significant things I can think of have the longevity of a lightning bolt when compared to the eternal nature of a human being.

What an honor it is, then, to be used by God to create life, and to have the opportunity to guide someone towards a fruitful present and an exciting eternity!

The privilege of being a Mother is not one I take for granted, as I think of the beautiful women I know who would like to celebrate mother's day with a baby of their own, but for one reason or another cannot at this time. May the Lord fulfill your heart's desire, or give you something even better!

For Mother's Day, I got a card from Alaina, and the Monday afterwards she took me out to Red Lobster for some seafood . . .

. . . with Daddy's help, of course.

Alaina kept herself busy either with her toys or looking at Daddy's food, so her parents did most of the talking.

I'm so thankful to the Father for the sweet people he has brought into my life!


Namaw Kak said...

Sweet pictures and lovely mothers day post. I really loooove the picture of you and the baby with her fingers in her mouth. Soooo cute.

Tete said...

Great post...Happy 1st Mother's day- may you have many more.

The Hemmers said...

Sweet pictures! See you soon!


Jungheims said...

Alaina is very thoughtful and generous! I impressed! =)