Thursday, October 22, 2009

Evidence of Autumn

Sure signs that we're right in the midst of fall: I'm wearing sweaters, and I feel like cooking again! Soup is back on the menu, and Kyle made the best sugar cookies. They were not around very long.

Our neighbors are back. They seem to be a quiet bunch this year.

Yet another sign of fall: bugs, bugs, bugs! We've been attacked by those little lady bug things, the ones that bite. Towards midday they start to look like rain, they're just everywhere. Kyle was my knight-in-shining-hoodie the other day, and brought me green beans from the garage freezer, since I didn't want to leave the house! They have gotten better since yesterday though. Should be almost done.

I'm so grateful for cool weather and a quiet place to walk! The trees around our house are just lovely. No sugar maples or burning bushes, but the yellows just glow on dark days, and the sumac give us some red.

Hey! What about ME? Scenery is nice and all, but don't get carried away!

Oh yes, sorry sweetie. Is this better?

Yes, thank you.

Speaking of fall and bugs, someone in the family has developed a taste for ladybugs. Literally, I'm afraid. I could sweep five times a day and still be fishing them out of her mouth! At least we know she has good eye sight. Her fine motor skills are also developing nicely.

Family fun.


Anonymous said...

Loved all those pics! Thanks for sharing. I love this time of year. Sue

The Sisson Clan said...

It looks like a bug in her mouth in the picture with Kyle. Tee Hee She is related to her Uncle Nate who ate more than his fair share of dead flies at the cabin. grin

TulipGirl said...

So cute!

~the gambill gals~ said...

Jaimie loved all the baby smiles and the pink hat! :)

Anonymous said...

That's funny about eating the ladybugs. I've tasted a ladybug before (though not on purpose), and they taste reeeeeeeeeeealy bad!