Wednesday, October 14, 2009

No Big News

Yes, you read that right. This post contains nothing big and no gorgeous pictures, so don't feel obligated to read it. It's just a little conglomeration of everyday stuff for those who care.

Small news one.
It's turning quite fallishly lovely here, when the weather is nice enough to allow us to go outside. About a week ago Kyle, Alaina and I took a little trip out to Walnut Point. Alaina got her first ride on a slide - which she didn't seem to care much about one way or the other. Next year, perhaps . . .

Small News Two.
Alaina and I took a little trip yesterday (another lovely fall drive) and met cousins Becca and Elli. It was so fun to get a chance to chat face-to-face! Elli just finished running a Scripture Bee (entrants had to learn around 300 passages of scripture, be familiar with 6 books of the Bible, etc.) which will send 6 kids on to the national round. It sounds like a lot of work in a very worthy cause! I'm looking forward to seeing the play Becca's directing. I'm sure the time until March will go by very quickly for her! Somehow the camera got left in the car, so you don't get to drool over pictures of us eating dinner. Alaina was a (9 month old) angel, which was nice.

Small News Three.
I've spent portions of the last two years getting to know the lovely lady found in Proverbs chapter 31. She is teaching me so much! I studied her life last summer, and I'm working through it again this year with an emphasis on application. ;-) One favorite thought is that she watches over the ways of her household. It made me think about the patterns that I'm establishing in my household, whether it's patterns of speech or the way I habitually deal with household chores. She has inspired many changes, all for the better!

Well, there you have my small news for now. Don't say I didn't warn you! ;-)


agingrich said...

I like the small news post :) It's fun to know the little details of life too.


Kristi said...

Aw! I loved this "small news" post. So chatty and cozy... like talking over tea or coffee!