Friday, April 25, 2008

Bring in the Spring!

I love having flowers indoors so in can enjoy them during my daily routine. I also love the changing of seasons. So when I was out for my "power walk" early the other morning, I couldn't resist some of the flowering bushes that are in bloom! Kyle came out and cut me some branches.

I actually thought the white ones were berries, but now they've opened into tiny flowers! The pink are from cardinal bushes in our yard. If you slightly crush the end of woody stemmed flowers they absorb water better. These ones are drinking away!

Notice the minimalistic and oriental influences in the shape and density of the bouquet. ;-) These blooms have such a short life span, I love to have them in where I can enjoy them. Besides, what could be better than enjoying fresh flowers for free?

I was further inspired by Kyle's collection of antique ink and cream bottles. He found these tiny glass creations while digging around in his father's fields as a boy. A number of years ago, I skimmed through a book about bringing flowers into your home. It suggested making a mini arrangement of flowers in a teacup. I liked the idea, but either because of my lack of access to green floral foam or the tiny size of my flowers, it never worked very well. But these tiny bottles are the perfect size!

Using several bottles allows you to maximize the impact of dainty flowers like these violets I found in our yard. If you don't happen to have an antique cream bottle collection sitting around, you might like to try using a miniature teacup, doll dishes, old perfume bottles, or any other extra tiny container you can find. Group several together to make the most of your little blooms!

It's so lovely to be able to decorate my home with touches of God's beauty and to treasure the season while it is here.
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jada said...

Tea cups, i have found, are the trickiest to use as vases as their wide mouth does not fill as nicely as one would hope.

Your flowers look lovely lovely. :-) My lilacs are almost to open and i am eager with anticipation.

The Hemmers said...

ooo, pretty! I just love flowers! There's this field near us that is full of wild daisies in the summer. One time I just couldn't resist and so I came home (on my bike!) loaded down with a huge armful of daisies! I could barely see to steer, and I probably looked pretty funny to the people on the highway!

Anonymous said...

I love the fresh flowers! Things are starting to come up in my garden and the lilac bush has leaves and buds, so hopefully they will be blooming soon. I love the way their scent can fill a whole house! We are expecting snow on Monday AGAIN and so I am hoping all of the plants survive.
Have a great day!