Friday, April 18, 2008


Nitchfield before the earthquake.

Well, that was a first.

I woke up early this morning to find the bed shaking. On getting up to use the restroom I passed by the kitchen, where I could hear a glass clinking as it trembled on the counter.

Now, being the cautious, protective, intellectually curious type of person, what did I do?

Think "That was wierd" and go back to bed!

I actually thought that one of our new appliances had kicked into some sort of high gear and was shaking the house, or something. It's a good thing both our Moms called this morning to ask about it. If no one had said anything, I'm sure I would have forgotten all about it! (The quake was felt both in Zion and McClure. Quite a few folks around here woke up to it as well.)

Well, at least I know I don't panic easily. ;-)

Nitchfield after the earthquake.

Deep Newscaster Voice: Did you feel the quake? Tell us about your experiences right here at Nitchfield News!


The Sisson Clan said...

That's okay, once have kiddos your curiosity and heightened observation kick in, almost in self defense.

agingrich said...

Sounds exciting! Earthquakes in IL, that just sounds strange.


Faith said...

Yes, I felt it too. I woke up because my bed was shaking and things on the dresser and desk were rattling. At first I thought maybe it was a big truck going by, but then I realized it was probably an earthquake. We had a small one about 10 years ago, and this felt similar. I almost woke Mel up, but I was still half asleep. I didn't remember it, until I heard about it on the radio this morning. :-)


The Hemmers said...

Nope, I didn't feel a thing. I was sound asleep!

jada said...

Olen and I both felt it and sat up in bed. We both knew what it was (from our 8 months of living in Fresno, CA) and so he rolled over and went back to sleep. I got up as if to go check it out and decided just to go back to bed.

Leah woke up and was upset that she had missed it. She was quite thrilled when we had our "after shock" at 9:38-ish and she got to experience it. She was thrilled that the tassels on her lamp were moving around.

ah, what thrilling times.

Anonymous said...

We all felt the earthquake here. It was quite scary and lasted nearly 30 seconds (which seems like a long time when everything is trembling)! It woke our whole family up at 4:40a.m. and then we felt a couple of aftershocks. The center of the quake was located about an hour's drive from here. Praise the Lord, we are all safe though! :-) We are glad to hear it didn't disturb you and Kyle too much!

Ellen and Elaine W.

The Sisson Clan said...

Love your before and after pictures. We can truly get a feel for what you went through! =)