Monday, April 14, 2008

The Ongoing Saga of the Blueberry Usage

As you may have noticed, if you've been following this blog, I have been trying to use up our umpteen pounds of frozen blueberries. Well, blueberry cobbler was attempt #3, and it's NOT recommended, for the following reasons.

1. Frozen blueberries are tough.

2. Very.

3. Unless they are cooked in a cake or muffin.

4. Cobblers are made to showcase the delicious tenderness and texture of fruit.

5. See points 1&2.

At least the flavor was good, even if you did have to chew for a while. ;-) Fortunately, we fed most of it to company (sorry, you guys!). Our guests were very kind . . .
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Anonymous said...

Who'd you forcefeed blueberries to?


Anonymous said...

Oh, too bad that recipe did not turn out. Have you considered making smoothies with the frozen berries? You could add some other fun things to it like bananas or strawberries and some yogurt or some vanilla ice cream and milk for shakes!


the Pollock family said...

Hi Gretchen! We use frozen blueberries in pancakes. Yum!
It's fun to see how you are settling into married life and your new home. God bless you both.

~Justin&Meg~ said...

Oh, I thought it was delicious! Maybe try mixing the berries w/ blackberries and strawberries. My blueberries got so freezer burnt this year...bummer. I'll have to let you in on my scoops about the art of freezing berries--ha! We like even the tough berries. Have you tried them in smoothies? I'm sure that'd be a fool-proof usage.


The Hemmers said...

Gretchen, I have a couple recipes you should try. One for a braided bread with a blueberry filling and also for a pie. Ours turned out delicious, and I'm sad that the frozen blueberries the Johnson family gave us are all used up!

George and Krista said...

Hi Gretchen,
My favorite smoothies are with frozen blueberries...makes them really thick! I think the best ones I've made are either using frozen blueberries, frozen peaches and peach yougert or vanilla yougert, frozen blueberries and a frozen banana. Mmmmm...that sounds really good right now.

George got Kyle's messages and has been meaning to give him a call back, but it seems like our days keep getting away from us. He has been trying to catch up on things he missed since Gracie was born too. We really appreciate your prayers! You two should swing by on your way to visit your family sometime!


jada said...

We have our stash of frozen blueberries and just eat them out of the freezer like Brenda and Mike do. Since Ryan has moved out we go through them a lot more slowly, though.

If i come up with another usage, i'll let you know. (if we ever seem to be at fellowship on the same day. we seem to be playing "fellowship tag")


Nitchfield News said...

Okay, any ideas for making shakes without a blender or food processor?

Anonymous said... ideas on that one :) You could get it for Kyle as an early birthday present! Just make sure he'll let you borrow it often.

Namaw Kak said...

Huh, need a blender. I would guess you might be able to find one at the Oakland City Wide yard sales May 3rd.

I've enjoyed how many ways you have used your blueberries.

We always make Pineapple upside down cake with blueberrie muffin mix. Its really good.

Take Care,