Monday, April 21, 2008

Quick Trip

It sure was great having the family and Grandma & Grandpa L. down for a visit this weekend! G&G had not seen Nitchfield yet so it was a treat to get to show them around. We had fun just being together!

Thanks guys for the snapdragons. They make the deck look much more "homey"!

We don't keep our skeletons in the closet. That's what root cellars are for!

Cutie Pie!

Just a hangin' out on the couch.

Mom force-feeding Gramma some rich, black dirt.

Gramma feeding it to Kyle - it must have been good!?!?

Sittin' and chattin' (please excuse my apron ;-).

Somehow I missed getting a picture of you, Grandpa, but it sure was fun going to the game with you. Nate, you were missed, but we'll hope to have you soon. Thanks for coming down everybody! Kyle and I had a great time, so let's do it again soon.
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jada said...

So glad your family came for a visit. :-) I didn't notice the apron because i was too busy looking at your lovely afghan. tee hee I am not a blue person but I really did become attached to it when i was making it and it was hard for me to part with it. I am so glad to see you using it.

Heather Paulsen said...

Fun times!!

Momma Amy said...

How fun!

Do you guys own some land with your house too, or is it just a normal city lot? Just curious! :)

It looks lovely there.

The Hemmers said...

How fun, Gretchen! :) And just like Jada, I didn't notice the apron because the first thing that caught my eye was the afghan. It's beautiful! And I am a blue person. Well, not in temperament, but I love the color! ;)