Monday, April 7, 2008

In the absence of news . . .

. . . you write about other stuff. At least you do in the computer world. When nothing eventful has happened, but you want to reward all your faithful blog friends with a new post, then you resort to that other stuff that usually goes on sidebars. You know, "I'm currently reading Such And Such", favorite book lists, "I just watched this movie", etc. So, since I have very little to report (believe me, you don't want to hear about my errands this morning, they were exceedingly boring) you are now going to be treated to this information:

Currently Listening To

It is Well with My Soul
Hymns for Piano and Flute

by Faith and Melody Hemmer

It's a brand new CD which I just got recently. As a musician (picky) and a flutist (pickier) I have enjoyed it very much! I am very particular about flute recordings, sometimes if it's not well done it can have a tinny sound, but the quality here is excellent, and really showcases the beautiful tone and expression. The arrangements are delightful! They have a well chosen variety of favorite hymns, but the settings are fresh and pleasing. It's excellent listening, and great for background music if your having a dinner, tea, or manning a store. ;-)

Now, if you're wondering where to get your own copy, I'll tell you: I'm not quite sure. Mine was a gift. But since the musicians are also personal friends (I have hopes of getting my copy autographed), I might be able to find out if anyone is interested.

I've actually had the pleasure of playing with these ladies once or twice.

When I say we played together, I mean TOGETHER! ;-)

Ladies, it's been a listening pleasure.


erin said...

We would love a copy! I was so impressed with their beautiful music at your wedding. If you find out how we can purchase one, please let me know. Thanks!

The Hemmers said...

What a fun suprise to see this up here, Gretchen. Wow, we should ask you to be our agent! ;)

If anyone is interested in purchasing a CD or their own, they can contact us at