Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cousin Time

Earlier this week we had a fun, three day visit from my cousins. Becca, Elli and I had fun around town, while Tim helped Kyle out on the job.

They were a very helpful crew! I think Kyle enjoyed all the good food we made, especially that berry crisp.

Of course, we had to try out the picnic area and trails at Walnut Point.

Most of the trails are labeled as to their difficulty, and it seems like the easier the trail, the more benches they have to rest on. Well, the trail we tried wasn't labeled, but it must have been "hard" - we walked for an hour and a half, sometimes single file, there were occasional hills, and there wasn't a single bench! It was great fun, especially after we developed a technique for removing spiderwebs from the path. ;-)

We also tried our hands at making ribbon/beaded bookmarks! The ribbon goes between the pages while the beads hang out at the ends.

We didn't have enough beads for three bookmarks following the pattern, so we divided up the beads and made up our own patterns. Each one was slightly different from the others.

Oh, no, we dropped a very special bead! This is what we did to find it: moved the couch and chairs, swept the floor and searched on hands and knees. Where did we find it? On the table under the edge of Becca's bead dish!

Ta da! They were not difficult to make and they were very fun. Thanks to a Certain Someone for providing the supplies and the idea!

Thanks you guys for joining us! We had a lovely time. Come again. ;-)


agingrich said...

I'm glad you had fun making the bookmarks. It seems like a "cousinish" thing to do.


Kristi said...

So much fun! I am glad they were able to come visit you both. I know Elli said you had a loverly time. =)