Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More Fun

Here are a couple more pictures from my time in Zion!

Games, fellowship and food - happy, happy! :-)

Dad taking copious notes during our Clue game. Nate won anyway.
"Mrs. White, in the Dining Room with the Revolver!"

And now, my first blog video ever! My little camera caught only a poor imitation of the rich golden tones of the harp, but Haley is getting better and better! It was such a treat to hear her, I wanted to share what I could. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Fun post! Haley that was beautiful!
Sherry P.

LivLife said...

She plays so beautifully! You two have the same smile and I never realized it until she smiled at the end!

Olivia Coy

P.S. One of my friend's mom grew up in Zion.

Anonymous said...

It looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time with your family in Zion! We enjoyed seeing the pictures--it makes us want to pull out our old Clue game. The harp video was wonderful and such beautiful music. Excellent job Haley!!! :-)

Ellen and Elaine