Monday, August 4, 2008

Safely Home

Yesterday I learned that after three years of living joyfully and fearlessly while battling cancer, my sweet sister Colleen Moeller has gone to be with the Savior she loved so much. The greatest tribute I can give her, and the best way to give you a glimpse into her life, is to let you read a few of her own words.

Colleen's words on finding out that her cancer had returned:

Can you believe it has been over twenty-seven months since this journey began? What a beautiful season it has been for our family. We have been so wrapped in the love of our dear Father and His children. The blessings are immeasurable, the opportunities to serve have been humbling, the good things that have come from this trial drop us to our knees in thanksgiving and gratitude.

Two weeks ago, we were blessed by our church communion service. As our cherished pastor held up the cup, he reminded us that Jesus came as a flesh-and-blood man. He literally bled for us. But the cup was not a cup of sorrow for us—it is a cup of joy! Because our Savior walked among us and bled to save us, this cup holds celebration and promise for us. What a priceless gift we were given that He walked among us and died for us. That is something to celebrate!

This news, while holding its elements of longing and a bit of mourning the reality for things our family had hoped to share together that may not be ours, also is filled with tremendous wonder. For we, too, have had the inestimable joy of walking with the Lord. There is nothing sweeter in life than that. There are many responses to news such as this. In this journey I have been so grateful that by and because of His grace and mercy we have been able to choose joy. And, deeper now, I choose joy.

As blessed as I have been in your and His presence, what a wretch I would be to complain! My life has been rich and overflowing. The difficult times have taught us and prepared us for the day when my very life would be gently placed before Him in peace and trust. I have only prayed to be found faithful…

I know with Whom I go…wherever He leads, He does all things well.

Her words two months ago:

This journey we have been on with the Lord has been so precious and sweet. It has been filled with so much love; so many sweet memories; so much life, deeply invested, deeply lived. I have been so blessed by my amazing family—thank you all for giving so much, asking nothing in return. We have been so blessed by your generosity and kindnesses in so many shapes and forms. I have been so blessed in my 83 days of hospitalization this year by the kindness of strangers who cared for me and became friends.

Barring a miracle from our gracious Lord, it appears that I have begun my journey Home. Our Father has been so sweet to me and my heart is full. Praise to Him is on my lips and I am grateful for the gift of time He has granted to me.

In everything, the Lord has been faithful and good. What a priceless truth to know He is sovereign and all the days of our lives are ordained by Him, for our good and His glory. This knowledge has been life to us in the days of suffering and questions. We can simply raise our eyes to our Father, as a child, in trust knowing He has a plan and it is good. What a sweet place of rest.

What a privilege to walk by His side these past two-and-a-half years; what a privilege to walk nearer to His side today.

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The Hemmers said...

I love the bubble pictures! They capture her joyful spirit so well.