Saturday, August 23, 2008


How fun to have somebody to take field trips with! Kyle has been planning this one for a while. We had originally planned to go to Springfield on Saturday, then we found out that about 30,000 Obama supporters were supposed to inundate the capital for the announcement of the Vice Presidential hopeful. We quickly rearranged our plans and went Friday!

Our first stop was the Lincoln museum. Posing with the Lincoln family makes Kyle look just as tall! I wanted pictures of the museum's period dress collection. Alas, no photography was allowed in that room!

Matthew:" I'm not quite as tall as Robert. They looked very real!"

Walking through the log cabin made me think how so many people in history did so much with so little! Today we have so many resources at our fingertips, but we're often too lazy to go as far as we could.

They had a fun room for small children with old fashioned toys, a pioneer kitchen, etc.
Matthew: "I learned a new way of using the cup and ball. It worked really well."

Our next stop was the old capitol building about a block away.

I wish we still built buildings as beautiful as this one! Matthew and I got quite dizzy looking up and down from the second floor.

The Representative Hall

Matthew liked this rocking chair with a rocking stool in the Governor's Office. They had the Supreme Court room in this same building! Ahh, back when government was small and simple.

A sad commentary on the government's perception of public intelligence:

Um, yeah!

Above and below: Matthew's budding photography skills.

Our last stop was the Presidential Library (no pictures there). Unfortunately for me, it was too close to closing time to get into any books. I did get to drool a bit, though.

Thanks Matthew for giving us the excuse for such a fun day! We had a great time.


TulipGirl said...

Ooooh! I can see just a little of your baby pooch in these pics! *grin*

George and Krista said...

Hey guys,
We heard that you all are going to be bombarded by pink in the next couple months! How exciting...we think that little girlies are a blast! Congrats!

George, Krista and Gracie

Kristi said...

So fun! We were in Springfield for a Cousin's wedding a few years ago and got to spend the weekend there seeing the sights. The museum is wonderful, they did an incredible job with it. *smile*

How fun to have Matthew down there with you and Kyle! You are becoming quite the hostess! Its nice that you are not so very far away from home and can have rotating visitors. *smile*

Anonymous said...

Wow! That looks like a very interesting trip! :)

Crissfamily said...

Gretchen, you look so cute pregnant! We are so happy for you guys. Love, Mrs. Criss

P.S. Looks like your Field Trip was fun, too :)

The Hemmers said...

I agree, Gretchen really is glowing!