Tuesday, September 9, 2008


We've had a standing invitation from the local Domino Players to join their monthly game, and last Saturday night, we finally made it! We had a blast - good company, good food and good fun.

The Men's table - Mike, John, Kyle, John 6th, Jeff, Andy and Ruben

My camera batteries died before I got a picture of the ladies table or the snack table (Which was quite impressive! German Forrest cake, Pecan Pie, gigantic strawberries, maybe it's good I didn't get a picture. ;-). We ladies were much less intense than the guys, and got in lots of talking with our game. I did fairly well, but my beginner's luck wasn't quite enough to beat the local champs. Thanks, all, for a fun evening!

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BH said...

I think it's funny that John's at the head of the table. :-)