Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Summer Pie

Sometime last week Kyle said to me, "You know what? Summer is almost over and we haven't had any Key Lime Pie!" So I added limes to my grocery list and dug out my recipe.

It seems like each season has a food or two that simply must be eaten at that particular time, or else it just doesn't feel like you've had a real summer, or fall, or winter. Growing up, we always had pumpkin ice cream in the fall, and it looks like Key Lime Pie might become a summer tradition!

Does your family have any traditional summer foods? - GJ


agingrich said...

I've never made a key lime pie before. Is it difficult?


Nitchfield News said...

I use the Cook Country no-egg recipe. ;-) It calls for some out of the ordinary ingredients (unflavored gelatin?!), but it's not hard, and the whole thing is made in a food processor. I found that a blender works as well. :-) You're also supposed to heat the gelatin in the microwave for 15 seconds. Well, our microwave is not in yet, but it did just fine with me guessing on the stove top. - GJ

Anonymous said...

Key lime pie is my dad's favorite. :) We make one every spring when we go down to Florida to visit our grandparents.

Jungheims said...

Watermelon and homemade ice cream are Oklahoma summer "must haves"!! =) Won't catch me breaking these traditions!

erin said...

I love to have BLT's (with garden tomatoes, of course!)and fried zucchini one time every summer, and I was just thinking the other day that we didn't do that this year. :(

Elijah asked for a pumkin pie the other day when I said it felt like fall weather.

Bethany Rogers said...

Hey! This is Bethany, Char's daughter. You asked for my blog address quite a bit ago, and I'm just now getting it to you-sorry! It'll be fun to keep up with each others blogs! It's a great way to keep in fellowship together, and with Christ, over distances...:)
Key Lime Pie sounds awesome. I think that our family summer foods (I can pick 2, right?) are Strawberry Shortcake, and Lime Grilled Porkchops.

Anonymous said...

Summer foods...probably too many to mention, but the first things that come to mind are blueberry pie and strawberry jam made from hand picked strawberries at Thompsons Farm. We also grill out a lot.
Your key lime pie looks yummy!
We have fun reading your blog!
The Dunns

Anonymous said...

We always have blueberry pie in the summer, and apple pie/crisp in the fall after we go apple picking.


sethswifeforlife said...

Just wanted to say HI Gretchen and Congratulations to you on the upcoming addition to your family! And a girl too! I LOVE having a first-born girl! They are wonderful~
I hope you are feeling well and enjoying your September.
Abby (Wakefield) Prescott

jada said...

I think watermelon is our top summer food. When you crack one open you just can't help feeling it's summer.

We got our last one of the year, probably, a few weeks ago and it has been in the fridge waiting patiently. This weekend i actually started in with some fall favorites and last night they ate the watermelon. Ok, so a bit of overlapping, but it IS Illinois and the seasons are a bit hesitant to leave at times.