Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Weeknight Surprise

Last night, out of the blue, Kyle and I decided to go out for supper - to Walnut Point! We won't have warm evenings all that much longer, so it's a good time for dinner in the out-of-doors.

The view was so pretty. I can't wait to see it at the height of it's color!

After our yummy burger and fries, we took the scenic route home. It made me realize that there really are a lot of trees in this area.

It was fun to drive such pretty roads, and to see what lies behind our tree line at Nitchfield. Hooray for spontaneity!


Jungheims said...

That's gorgeous! I can see the leaves are just thinking of turning. A return trip at peak color would be nice! =)

Momma Amy said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening! I love spontaneous events! :)

Anonymous said...

The lake and trees look do you!
Jim and I used to do that when we were first married...wonderful memories!
The P.'s from Monroe

Havie said...

oh, fun!
I love your matching outfits, and you cut you hair! it's really cute :)

agingrich said...

Certainly your life does not end when you have children, but your ability to do things easily on the spur of the moment is limited. So enjoy all the spontaneous moments you can!


Kristi said...

Spontaneous things are simply delightful! I love the fact that you and Kyle are both wearing yellow! =D