Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Worker Bee

Here are a few last pictures from Matthew's visit. Even though we don't have photographic proof, he was a huge help! Washing dishes, vacuuming, chopping veggies and lending me his muscles - it was great to have a guy around the house!

Matthew was also a big help when he went out on the job with Kyle. Having an assistant got jobs done in record time. I sent the camera along with him once, but I think he was too busy to use it much! Above: the hazards of outdoor jobs.

Here is the "Before" of the job they were working on. I think they were too tired to remember the "After"! ;-)

Kyle, who is quite a good cook, took some time to introduce Matthew to the fine art of grilling.

Matthew, who is getting to be a good photographer, took this photo to introduce Kyle to the fine art of making your viewer's mouths water.

Good job, Worker Bees!

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agingrich said...

What a fun adventure for Matthew!