Monday, September 15, 2008

Spice It Up!

Thanks to Kyle's green thumb, we've had a good crop of tomatoes this year. They've been great on sandwiches and salad, but in order to keep up with our supply, Kyle made salsa.

Peeling and chopping. Just look at the line-up ripening on the windowsill! It's been my summertime window decoration in place of flowers. ;-)

For easy peeling you boil your tomatoes for 3 minutes, then pop them in ice water. I've done it before while canning tomatoes, so that's the part that I helped with.

The rest of the work was all Kyle! He has his own special ingredients to impart his signature tangy/sweet flavor.

Early this morning he had to test his second batch, which cooled in the fridge overnight. For this year, he froze it in zip-locks. Maybe next year we'll can it. Yummy!

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The Hemmers said...

Ummm, there's nothing like homemade salsa!